School Uniform Policy 2016-2017

Bessemer Bobcat

               Bessemer STEM Academy

         2016-2017 Uniform Policy

 All students attending Bessemer STEM Academy MUST follow the uniform guidelines listed below Monday-Friday:


Ø     Only blue or gold/yellow t-shirts with the approved Bessemer STEM Academy logo are allowed.


Ø        Only blue or black jeans (with no holes or any type of design) are allowed

Ø Only blue or black jean shorts (with no holes or any type of design)  are allowed.


Ø          Plain blue or gold/yellow t-shirts

Ø Polo shirts of any color

Ø         Any shirts with the previous Bessemer logo

Ø Hoodies or other coats or jackets CANNOT be worn during school hours

Ø Khaki pants, sweats, basketball shorts, or leggings are NOT allowed

Uniform tops may be purchased at:

Embroidery Plus

   The Spirit Store

   Sonny’s Uniforms & Sportswear

 In accordance with the Pueblo City Schools Student Conduct and Discipline Code 2016–2017, students will NOT be allowed to wear: #17 Trench coats and other like jackets capable of easily concealing weapons (including hoodies) during the school day. Students may wear them to and from school only.